Thursday, 31 May 2012

Breathing new life into vintage treasures

This week I have been being CREATIVE. Call it breathing new life in to vintage treasures, recycling, it what you will its been great fun. Take these 1950's beauties, ok some are more beautiful than others, and some ''only a mother could love"  but where there's a vintage will, there's a vintage way:

Then take a vintage coffee sack.......

or a Vintage flag.......

Or some vintage fabric from the stash......... and Voila !!!!

Reinvented, recycled, restyled and at least another fifty years ahead of them....God I Love Vintage !!!!!

Some of these beauties will make an appearance on the stall, Vintage Influence, H5, Waverley Antiques, or I am happy to take commissions and I can post overseas too.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Restock !!!

Thanks to The Block (Channel Nine), the amazing light fitting created by Sophie and Dale which is pictured below

And a post by one of our gorgeous customers on Waverley Antiques web-site, I sold ALL my American Mason jars this week.

So I have re-stocked and for those of you who are creative, hurry to Stall H5, Vintage Influence, in the Cool Room at Waverley Antiques to pick these up:

They are a stunning shade of blue with the original zinc lids......BEAUTIFUL and follow the link below to make your own unique and gorgeous chandelier

I just need to remember to save some for myself !!!!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

New Additions : Vintage Influence

A quick post with photos of the new additions to the Stall, Vintage Influence H5 at Waverley Antiques


New Stock Added Every Week So Watch This Space.......