Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Perfect Blue Ball Mason Jars

Perfect Blue Ball Mason Jars......

So why Blue ?
Most of the antique jars that aren't colourless are in some shade of aqua.Coloured jars were considered better for preserving since keeping light out meant better and longer preserving ability.

Set of 7 vintage blue Ball / Mason glass jars for a chandelier.

So why Ball ?
These gorgeous jars come from the States and are called Ball jars after the Ball Corporation who were a major early producer of the jars.

Old Mason Jars (Ball of course for this house), country plus bringing a little Haint blue into the room?

So Why Mason ?
The Mason jar was invented and patented in 1858 by Philadelphia tinsmith John Landis Mason who patented the screw-on zinc cap in 1858.

Outdoor Blue Ball Perfect Mason Jars by BrigidsFancy

So Why Perfect ?
Well I have my own theory on that ........

I have just received a new shipment of these little beauties from the States and they are at Waverley Antiques , Stall H5, Vintage Influence, in the Cool Room .

In addition to the regular zinc screw top lids I have a number of ''Flower Frog'' topped jars to make those beautiful spring flower arrangements even easier.

They flew off the stall last time so be sure to get yourself one of these ''Perfect'' jars, they won't last long!!!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Vintage Childhood Memories

It doesn't matter whether you were brought up reading, Dick and Jane, Swallows and Amazons or The Famous Five. If you are anything like me, these gorgeous pillows will take you back in time to those childhood stories that we all got lost in.......
So adorable are these vintage inspired character pillows that I could not resist sourcing them from the US and putting them on the stall. They are backed in vintage fabric, ticking for the boys and chenille for the girls.

They are gorgeous and if you can't get to Waverley Antiques , Stall H5 in the Cool Room ,where I have a selection, feel free to contact me (They are $48 each). I have plenty of each design and can post them out if need be.

I have to say they look fantastic on the stall and I only hope they bring back for you, as they did me, happy, carefree, childhood memories.

They certainly, if nothing else, remind this Vintage Girl that she is still.......Young At Heart !!!!!

Friday, 17 August 2012

New Vintage Treasures

Its been too long since I re-worked my little Vintage Pitch at Waverley Antiques , Stall H5, Vintage Influence, in the Cool Room (yep I know Ken, its been that long since I blogged they probably need reminding ). Well I forgot how much fun this Vintage lark can be.

I spent a fabulous day up there yesterday completely re working my space and putting in new vintage finds. 

I spent the day surrounded by what I love (Ok, the Big Man and the boys weren't there.....but you can have too much of a good thing  !!!). My other love of course, all things vintage..... the rescued, the re-used, the re-purposed. 

I love that I find comfort and enjoyment in the frayed, chipped, tarnished, faded, tattered, worn and weathered.

Perhaps its because it reminds me of myself ......But thats a whole other blog.

So I'm sharing these pics of my vintage slice of heaven. 

Have a fabulous weekend and look forward to seeing some of you down there soon.

BYE !!!!!!!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Camberwell Art Show : Tonight, Tomorrow and Sunday

This amazing show starts tonight (Friday August 17th) and continues over the weekend. The beautiful gift shop is now set up and since a picture speaks a thousand words.......ENJOY !!!

Enough Said.....Look Forward To Seeing You There !!!!!