Sunday, 25 September 2011

Latest Vintage Tea Towel Creation

From my gorgeous buddy Cathy, musician extraordinaire who has just embarked on a Jazz Degree at Melbourne Uni no less - I am not worthy, the request came for a Music themed chair ?!?!??!? ......... No Worries, how hard can it be to source vintage tea towels with a musical theme ?!?!?!? What was I thinking. Twelve months of collecting and I had the towels required for the 6 (yes you read it right) metres of fabric (which trust me equates to exactly 54, yep 54 music themed tea towels, which did I mention are incredibly hard to find - not bitter and twisted I assure you!!). In fact this was a doddle since a larger piece usually requires 9 metres - so really I was laughing !!!! And so the task of patchworking all those towels together began.

There was a point however, when I feared that Cathy would graduate before I finished the chair. Thank god for patience and understanding (On Cathy's part I mean - I nearly went insane !!!). But it was all worth it, my labour of love was complete (in fact I think labour would be easier !!) and my baby was delivered this morning from the hands of my fabulous upholsterer who once again had worked his magic (Harry Potter eat your heart out). Here it is in all its glory !!!!

And for her patience and understanding (And as my Dad always says - If a jobs worth doing it's worth doing well !!!!) I made her a little tea towel cushion - music themed off course.

Cathy you are an inspiration and I hope you love your chair. It truly is a ''one off" for a "one off" 
ENJOY !!!!!

I take comissions on my vintage creations so please feel free to drop me an email to discuss.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Home

Thoughts recently have turned to Home and what my home means to me. My style has been described variously over the years as, vintage, colourful, eclectic, funky,different, out of the ordinary and 'so you'- I'll take compliments no matter how backhanded. So why do I love what I love ?!?!?!?.

I have always loved homes that take risks, that express the personality of the people living there. In my world "Its so you" truly is a compliment. Be brave take a chance, go with what speaks to you and don't care about what neighbours, friends and family think. Your true style is yours and yours alone. Playing it safe is boring and if our homes are where our hearts are why on earth would we want to live in places that don't reflect who we are.

Remember, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who cares, if you love it, have it. I dream of a life "√≠mperfect''and try to rescue, re-use and re-think.

My mantra for life:

"Never stop to think do I have a place for this"

 (Whilst in my world that invariably means all things Vintage I also find it works well when applied to husbands, children, friends and pets !!!!)

Remember when you decorate your interior in a way that shows who you are and that reflects the life and the energy that exists within its framework, you are creating a home to nurture the soul. Nurturing my soul was key when I first came to Australia and when nothing said home it was tough. Then I read a quote that summed Australia up for me:

"Under wide skies with far horizons, find a space to call your own"

I did and I filled it with collections, memories, dreams, my gorgeous husband and children, Charlie the dog, clutter, work and lots of creativity.I hope that when you step through the door my home is one filled with living. I want my house to be comfortable, not perfect and to welcome my family and friends with warmth, imperfect chaos and a pinch of madness. 

It might not suit everyone my vintage, colourful, eclectic, funky,different, out of the ordinary and 'so me' home but every day I fall in love with it again and find solace and beauty in the clutter of the things I cherish .

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September 11th 2001

This art work is in our home to remind us all of a day when our lives changed forever and of a day we will never forget. The dedication says it all.

'In memory of the events of September 11, 2001 & the days that followed. For those lost & for those left behind, & for the countless people throughout the world who stepped forward in body, mind & spirit & chose to walk like giants'

Visual Royal Vintage Feast

So Fathers Day came and the usual dilemma of what to buy the Big Man. Question :  'What do you get the man who has everything...... Answer : A women who has nothing' - well I've never been very good at sharing !!!!. And so I bought him The Kings Speech. Yep the only movie we saw at the cinema this year,
1 Together
2.That wasn't made by Pixar
3.Without children
4.Where we didn't leave the cinema feeling 'thats two hours of my life I'll never get back'

And OMG had forgotten what a feast for the eyes this fantastic film was. Vintage, vintage and more vintage. We had hit the vintage mother lode !!! 


 Elegance personified

I'll Take The Paint Effects and The French Sofa

Sigh !!!

Love Love Love

Did I Mention I Love This Wall


Fabric To Die For

Yes I Am Obsessed !!!

And in the real world 'life really does imitate art' and god its gorgeous - check out the rooms below 

And closer to home the wonderfully talented Sue at Montreux,  Prahran who styled this beautiful room setting at her warehouse - Inspired !!! 
(Check out Sue's fabulous blog )

And so I am inspired to revisit all things Vintage and Royal. I have a fabulous stash of vintage union jacks, coronation flags and bunting. I feel a project coming on !!!

You see you can take the girl out of England but you can't take England out of the girl

God Save The King !!!! 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

For The Love Of Vintage !!!

This is the inaugural post for Vintage Influence. Dedicated to the 'Naughty One', you know who you are, without whom this blog would not exist . The Two Amigos who's endless love, support, laughter and lets face it 'nagging' (Get your windows right !!!) got me through my First Vintage Extravaganza. All my 'Girls' whose confidence in my ability, when I may not have had any of my own, encouragement, friendship, belief and laughter over the years has brought me to this. You send 'the love' from the UK, the States, Singapore and the Australian Burbs on a regular basis, keep it coming !!!!

And last but by no means least my three most precious creations (and not a vintage tea towel in sight) and of course my Best Friend who has always believed in me and never doubted I could make this happen - ' you were with me every step of the way'. Without You Vintage Influence would not exist so For the Love Of Vintage Watch this space !!!!