Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Home

Thoughts recently have turned to Home and what my home means to me. My style has been described variously over the years as, vintage, colourful, eclectic, funky,different, out of the ordinary and 'so you'- I'll take compliments no matter how backhanded. So why do I love what I love ?!?!?!?.

I have always loved homes that take risks, that express the personality of the people living there. In my world "Its so you" truly is a compliment. Be brave take a chance, go with what speaks to you and don't care about what neighbours, friends and family think. Your true style is yours and yours alone. Playing it safe is boring and if our homes are where our hearts are why on earth would we want to live in places that don't reflect who we are.

Remember, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who cares, if you love it, have it. I dream of a life "√≠mperfect''and try to rescue, re-use and re-think.

My mantra for life:

"Never stop to think do I have a place for this"

 (Whilst in my world that invariably means all things Vintage I also find it works well when applied to husbands, children, friends and pets !!!!)

Remember when you decorate your interior in a way that shows who you are and that reflects the life and the energy that exists within its framework, you are creating a home to nurture the soul. Nurturing my soul was key when I first came to Australia and when nothing said home it was tough. Then I read a quote that summed Australia up for me:

"Under wide skies with far horizons, find a space to call your own"

I did and I filled it with collections, memories, dreams, my gorgeous husband and children, Charlie the dog, clutter, work and lots of creativity.I hope that when you step through the door my home is one filled with living. I want my house to be comfortable, not perfect and to welcome my family and friends with warmth, imperfect chaos and a pinch of madness. 

It might not suit everyone my vintage, colourful, eclectic, funky,different, out of the ordinary and 'so me' home but every day I fall in love with it again and find solace and beauty in the clutter of the things I cherish .

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  1. I agree totally! I think your home is gorgeous, by the way. In fact, you're not bad yourself, missus!