Sunday, 25 September 2011

Latest Vintage Tea Towel Creation

From my gorgeous buddy Cathy, musician extraordinaire who has just embarked on a Jazz Degree at Melbourne Uni no less - I am not worthy, the request came for a Music themed chair ?!?!??!? ......... No Worries, how hard can it be to source vintage tea towels with a musical theme ?!?!?!? What was I thinking. Twelve months of collecting and I had the towels required for the 6 (yes you read it right) metres of fabric (which trust me equates to exactly 54, yep 54 music themed tea towels, which did I mention are incredibly hard to find - not bitter and twisted I assure you!!). In fact this was a doddle since a larger piece usually requires 9 metres - so really I was laughing !!!! And so the task of patchworking all those towels together began.

There was a point however, when I feared that Cathy would graduate before I finished the chair. Thank god for patience and understanding (On Cathy's part I mean - I nearly went insane !!!). But it was all worth it, my labour of love was complete (in fact I think labour would be easier !!) and my baby was delivered this morning from the hands of my fabulous upholsterer who once again had worked his magic (Harry Potter eat your heart out). Here it is in all its glory !!!!

And for her patience and understanding (And as my Dad always says - If a jobs worth doing it's worth doing well !!!!) I made her a little tea towel cushion - music themed off course.

Cathy you are an inspiration and I hope you love your chair. It truly is a ''one off" for a "one off" 
ENJOY !!!!!

I take comissions on my vintage creations so please feel free to drop me an email to discuss.


  1. So completely gorgeous I am lost for words!!! love it (see i found a couple ;))

  2. Oh man! It's so fab! I love it and I bet she does too. Well done, creative genius! X

  3. Cannot play a note of music to save myself, but I want one. It is amazing!! very very clever.

  4. You were looking for those tea towels when I was visiting last year! Loved your London chair, love this one too!
    I'm taking on the challenge of getting the children in my class to decorate a chair with stamps then re-upholstering it for the school fund raising auction. My life was busy but think it's just about to get busier!!!!
    Lots of love
    Lou x