Friday, 17 August 2012

New Vintage Treasures

Its been too long since I re-worked my little Vintage Pitch at Waverley Antiques , Stall H5, Vintage Influence, in the Cool Room (yep I know Ken, its been that long since I blogged they probably need reminding ). Well I forgot how much fun this Vintage lark can be.

I spent a fabulous day up there yesterday completely re working my space and putting in new vintage finds. 

I spent the day surrounded by what I love (Ok, the Big Man and the boys weren't there.....but you can have too much of a good thing  !!!). My other love of course, all things vintage..... the rescued, the re-used, the re-purposed. 

I love that I find comfort and enjoyment in the frayed, chipped, tarnished, faded, tattered, worn and weathered.

Perhaps its because it reminds me of myself ......But thats a whole other blog.

So I'm sharing these pics of my vintage slice of heaven. 

Have a fabulous weekend and look forward to seeing some of you down there soon.

BYE !!!!!!!



  1. Good luck Lis!! Hope those little faces sell well.........!!!

  2. It all looks fabulous as per usual! I'm thinking of planning a trip sometime soon - will bring an empty suitcase!! Much love XXX

  3. Looks amazing Lisa- hopefully I can make it down there before I drop this bundle ! xx