Thursday, 8 March 2012

Drawers !!!!

I have an obsession at the moment for drawers.....I am sure in Victorian England you could have been arrested for such a fetish....Thank god times have changed and get your mind out of the gutter I am not talking ladies undergarments. No gorgeous, quirky storage in the form of old drawers.

Any shape or size, colour, material or patina that offers a cool alternative storage nook. And of course the best thing is that most people don't see the drawers when they come to cast aside that old cupboard or table so their loss is my gain !!!!

 However, those in the know are onto me and finding in particular old counter top shop drawers, salesmans samples, or vintage store display is as hard as finding hens teeth but never fear this vintage girl will push on in her quest.

So in the true spirit of 'upcycle, rethink and reuse' I will convert all you vintage lovers to the pleasure and interesting storage that these gorgeous little treasures can provide.If only these drawers could talk.

So when you are looking at that old cabinet, cupboard or side table look beyond the piece and see what alternative and new uses can be made for the humble drawers they hold. Hard rubbish here we come !!!!

1 comment:

  1. Drawers....Drawers....GLORIOUS D-R-A-W-E-R-S....!!

    I have a couple of pics in my folder Lisa of small STACKS of drawers....**LOVE**....!!

    Enjoy your weekend & THANKS for your company yesterday....I had a BALL....!!!!!

    Cheers from here,
    Tamarah :o)