Friday, 15 June 2012

Why I Love What I Do

This week has been a busy one for this vintage girl and a stark reminder that this vintage lark is hard work. You all know by now that I love it  but I do come across people who don't 'get it' or me and sometimes I doubt myself. We all have weeks when we ask why bother, when there was nothing at the auction, Ebay is a nightmare, HR yielded NOTHING and Australia seems to have no more treasures for a vintage lover to find AGH !!!!! BUT this week has taught me, yet again, Why I Love What I Do.

I got to help the lovely Tamarah of Shabby Vintage Junk ( to unload her amazing treasures from the States ahead of her grand opening on Thursday at Waverley Antiques . She is someone who works incredibly hard to make these treasures accessible to a vintage appreciating public. It is something which she does with passion and laughter and when we were sorting her goodies, I could not help but smile and my vintage heart sang. She has an eye for the quirky and the beautiful and has a great talent for rescuing,repairing,reusing and rethinking. If there is the faintest glimmer of life in something Ms T will rescue it. She is a joy to be around and encourages my vintage passion and inspires me to do better. 

Finding these treasures is not easy people but when I do they evoke memories, give me joy, make me smile. They remind me of a moment, a place, a friend, good times. I am lucky enough to be surrounded in my work by beautiful vintage things that are This week in particluar I have been able to share my passion with likeminded people who 'get it' and share my passion, my sense of fun, my love of life and a desire to celebrate that which has gone before. So when its cold and wet and I'm out and about 'sourcing'. When people say 'what is it you do again' ?. When people laugh at my Rustic Ashitica (OK I can take a joke too). I go back to exactly why I love what I do........

The imperfect is perfect in my eyes (a mantra, by the way that is equally useful when dealing with children and the big man) .I love to surround myself with those things that have proven their worth over many years because there is a reason why they have lasted this long.

My style is elegant rusticity, shabby chic, eclectic, whimsical, new global with an urban twist and in some cases just stripped-back simplicity....You want to give it a label fine....and though they make me laugh I get it.

I live and work with the chipped, frayed, tarnished and faded the tattered, worn and weathered. These are things that bring comfort, character and joy to me, my business and my home......and thats why I Love What I Do!!!!!!!


  1. That's beautiful Lisa. And true in every way. Love what you do and create and love laughing, living,dancing and sharing the most wonderful friendship with you! Rimaxxx

  2. Lisa in our family we say this is sooo Lisa! When we come across an old treasure like my mother's typewriter!! Our passion is what make us unique like you are Lisa ! Love you & love what you do and lucky to be part of it xxxxShahrazad

  3. Chipped, frayed, tarnished and faded............just the way we love you!!!!

  4. Well said, darlin'! Love what you are, love what you do. A mantra for the ages! Xxx

  5. Lisa you're a TREASURE in every sense of the word....!!!!!

    It was WONDERFUL having you work with me on Wednesday....Really....If it wasn't for your help I KNOW I would not have pulled it altogether in time....!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you're having an AWESOME weekend Lovey....!!!!!

    Cheers from up the road,
    Tamarah xxx

  6. Here Here Lisa,
    "finding" is the one of the few things in life that put me on a natural high. Searching for treasures is addictive and I love it!