Thursday, 17 November 2011

So What Do You Do Again ?!?!?!?

Vintage Influence
I get asked time and again....  so what is it you do again . So how did Vintage Influence begin and what is it ? So twelve months after I started my little vintage venture here is the low down. It started with a chair for my boys to remind us of England.

Then various friends saw my chair and asked if I could make one for them. And it grew from there hence.....   

 All made from vintage linen tea towels stitched together by me. I make unique linens to bring new life to vintage pieces I source or a beloved piece that someone wants to re-upholster. My wonderful upholsterer then transforms my 'tea towel linen' into these 'babies'........A labour of love but I love what I do. I do smaller projects as well and have designed and produced vintage cushions and you know me anything goes. An eclectic portfolio to say the least....

I also rescue, upscale and refurb to create new, individual, unique pieces that I love......

1950's footstools meet South American coffee sacks

A primitive american game board meets a shabby french cafe table base....... et voila !!!!!
I also source all sorts of vintage treasures from antique and bric a brac shops, sunday markets and auction houses that I sell privately through word of mouth or on the wonderful Ebay
Gorgeous French Day Bed

 Beautiful French Wash Stands 
A Vintage French Bistro Chair

An American Mission chair - Just loved the colour !!!

Huge Antique French Candleabra - Magnificent !!!
And once a year I am in Vintage Heaven with a stall at The Vintage Extravaganza. This year was my first show and it was amazing !!!!!
My Stall
My Treasures
Vintage !
Vintage !!!
 Vintage !!!!!
And then there is my blog through which I want to share my passion and spread the vintage vibe and if you love anything that I feature just let me know. All my treasures are for sale and spreading the vintage love is what its all about !!!!!


  1. Love the post - love your stuff - You Go Girl !!!!

  2. As usual, love,love, love it. Want everything but until the reno can have nothing. but i'm a patient girl.

  3. "Twas a fabbolicious day with a fabbolicious gal! Roll on Friday!!!!!