Thursday, 10 November 2011

There was life before Cath Kidston !!!!!

At the risk of receiving hate mail I am about to question the god-like status of Cath Kidston and suggest that we, dare I say it, can do better. Don't be fooled I am as enamoured as most by all things vintage, floral, and pretty but I think Cath may have got inspiration from the past..... No, shock, horror, really ?!?!??!
Just Check these out !!!
I have realised on my vintage travels that back in the day the pantry was a visual feast..... God they knew how to pack a jammy dodger (Tim Tam for my Aussie Girls). And what a pleasure that cup of tea would have been. (now a soy, skinny latte, with an extra shot, no froth - some things have changed).

 Apologies to all you Cath Kidston devotees out there but I think these guys were there first and dare I say it they were pretty damn good at it.
So be inspired. So what if they are a little shabby, chippy, dented - that's what we in the trade call Vintage Charm !!!!

Lets breath new life into these babies and although I tell myself that reaching for that chocolate hob nob (mint pattie) couldn't get any better.......... me thinks it could !!!!

And a quick post script following my homage to All Things Absinthe last week and  in honour of my gorgeous friend Melissa (who kindly reads my blog every week) -  and her gorgeous chap - as someone reminded me,rather aptly....... "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder !!!!"


  1. couldn't agree more. Its also a bit like the Ashwell Phenomenon I mean a lot of people were doing all that before shabby chic, she was just savvy enough to give it a name! rats you are making me wish I didn't sell all my old tins :(

  2. Fab Blog - love this and read it every week - Brilliant

  3. Great Blog. Reading it is like having a nice glass of wine!!