Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas !!!!!!!!!

Christmas, love it or hate it its here and you can't ignore it. Personally I Love it. To me it is the best time of year because it is the time I stop and think about, if nothing else, what has happened in the year past and what is to come in the new year. And always what is to come is full of hope and expectation, which has to be a good thing. Also I am blessed, Christmas has always meant family, friends, love,  food,  and a warm welcome.....things that have always been present no matter what and that is part of me. And so we had a party and of course Vintage had to figure.

The 'gang' were all there and my god did they do vintage proud.

So this blog is an indulgence of friends and vintage..... two things very dear to my heart.

May your life this 'holiday'season be filled with those that are significant to you and you alone and remember when it comes to relationships.........

There are those that open us up to something new and exotic.
Those that are old and familiar.
Those that bring up lots of questions.
Those that bring you somewhere unexpected.
Those that bring you far from where we started.
Those that bring you back.
BUT the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself
and if you find someone to love the you you love well that's just fabulous !!!!!!
Have a wonderful time in the coming weeks and may your NEW YEAR be full of VINTAGE !!!!!


  1. I love Christmas too!!! I hope you have a wonderful one and we'll see you for a swim every day leading up to and after!!! Just joking!

    PS: You throw a good party, guys!! I'd love to know what all the notes on your chandelier said!!!

  2. What a great vintage couple !! Love you both& see you soon.Shahrazadxx

  3. What a gorgeous couple you two are! And I want those coca cola pants, just sayin'
    Alicia :)

  4. Not sure which category I fit into, but hope it is the exotic one......!!!!
    Fabulous party, enjoyed by all. Will email the photos that cannot be published here!!!!
    Here's to more fun in 2012.

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed your vintage blogs, thank you for sharing them with me. Have a very merry Christmas and I look forward to more vintage updates in 2012.
    love Nicole xx

  6. Best blogsite ever. Always love your stuff. Always love a perve. Loving it even more after your careful selection/edit of Vintage Christmas pics.Happy Christmas to you and your whole beautiful family. xx love pye