Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Give Me Colour !!!!!!

OK what a weird Melbourne week weather wise. Cold, grey, wet and miserable. Just have to pinch myself to remind me this is summer in Australia and not January in England. Thanks for trying to make me feel at home Melbourne but 'Enough Already'. I need an injection of colour to get this New Year off to the right start.

So get ready for an assault on the senses and  a visual colourful feast. Cue (Thanks Jonnie) the colour people.......


And no one does colour like David Bromley. A feast for the eyes with a Vintage Vibe....Love it. 


Summer days, Swallows and Amazons and 'Lashings of Ginger Beer' 

Bright !!!!

Quirky and Fun !!!!

What dreams are made of !!!!

And my contribution to a more colourful world !!!! 




And This Just Because...........I feel better already !!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey - love the colour (or Color where we live..)

    AND - such a fab surprise to see David Bromley - we have him on our walls!

    LOL annie xxx