Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What Makes It All Worthwhile

One of the things I love about my Business, is the great like minded people I get to interact with, share my vintage vision with and who are good enough on top of all of that to BUY my treasures !!!!. This weekend I spoke on the phone to two different Vintage Treasure hunters who were at my stall  at Waverley Antiques , and they both bought some goodies.
Imagine my surprise when my French Books, in their beautiful new surroundings, appeared on facebook courtesy of the amazing Vintage Dormer........Enjoy !!
Then my other vintage treasure hunter was thoughtful enough to send me a photo of my three American Receipt drawers in there new role as memo boards in their home.....Just Fantastic !!!!

It just makes what I do all worthwhile and reminds this Vintage Girl of why I LOVE what I do !!!


  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing! I soooo love my books to bits and cant wait to visit your beautiful stall again soon. Hopefully next time I can catch up with you :) Siobhan.

  2. Oh YAYYYYYY Lisa....That's FANTASTIC....It's always NICE to know where 'our' Treasures go....**wink**....!!!!!

    Tamarah xx