Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Joy Of Smoking

No I have not lost my mind...... There is one amazing byproduct of the tobacco industry worth coveting. These beautiful vintage cigar boxes are a visual feast. Their graphics and art work are 'little masterpieces' and the older and shabbier the more their appeal.

The combination of images, colours and graphics are superb.

Works of art that can stand alone or show beautifully when grouped together.

My Grandfather, Father and the Big Man have all enjoyed a good cigar 'back in the day' and so these boxes are treasured by this vintage girl for all the happy memories they invoke.

 Apart from being beautiful, visually, they provide eclectic, vintage storage which is both functional and fabulous - what more do you need.

So for once a big thanks to the tobacco industry for at least getting something right !!!!