Friday, 7 October 2011

The Red Brick Barn

Just got back from country Victoria, Chewton to be exact, and the stunning Red Brick Barn. My two night stay was a prize I won back in June when I was voted 'The Best Stall' at The Vintage Extravaganza.

No your eyes do not deceive you this was going to be home for myself and the big man, child free for three whole days !!!!! Yippee - don't worry my children don't read my blog and if they ever do - Mummy and Daddy do love you very much...........Really !!!!.

Our own private patio ......
complete with out door shower and bath and only the donkeys as neighbours (get it 'neigh'...bours - god I'm funny without even trying  - and yes I know that donkey's technically bray but its poetic licence OK !!!!) 

Anyway what can I say - There truly is a vintage god and this truly is vintage heaven. 
The attention to detail is second to none with exquisite surroundings inside and out and  within a couple of minutes I had decided that I wanted to live here forever (what are squatters rights in Australia ?!?!?!?)

Anyway check out these images..... Gorgeous !!!

And everywhere you look you spot another vintage treasure - 'Eclectic’, ‘Colourful’, ‘Quirky’ and ‘Fun’ what can I say ........ so me !!! 
 Daniel and Glenny have truly created a home that shows who they are, a home to nurture the soul and that was just
what the big man and I needed.
Beautiful pieces, thoughtfully put together

And as every great stylist would say; there were 'stories'everywhere 

And I had to take this one for my 'quilting' girls !!!!! 
I was thrilled to see some pieces Daniel had purchased from me now part of this fantastic home

The little red phone - all the way from England
The little Bladon oil can - now a vase for beautiful spring flowers
And Queen Victoria - now living happily in Victoria !!!
So what does one do with three whole days in these beautiful surroundings, with the big guy ...... alone. Well readers don't get too excited we did absolutely NOTHING and it was bliss.We got to sleep in. We read the papers,cover to cover. We did the crossword together. We took naps,in the afternoon !!!!. We drank beautiful wine, ate delicious food, chatted and reminisced.

Most importantly we had the time to remind ourselves of the things that really matter.

 We adored our Red Brick Barn experience and can't wait to do NOTHING, all over again, really soon !!!!

Thanks to Daniel & Glenny for the use of photos and check out their website


  1. I have a little tear.......!!!

  2. It looks idyllic! I'm so glad you both had such a fabulous time. Was the stick needed?!

  3. well deserved prize to you and your gorgeous stall too! lucky you and hubs, it looks amazing there.

  4. So GLAD you both enjoyed yourselves Lisa....!!!

    I ALSO wish I could make it my PERMANENT abode....Alas....I'll just have to make 'do' & stay as often as time permits....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL week....Look forward to catching up soon....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)